How I can Help - Individuals
If you are experiencing a problem or issue that you need to resolve or are feeling dissatisfied or unfulfilled and want to explore your thoughts and feelings, I can offer you support.

Areas I work with include:

This includes emotional, physical and sexual abuse which may impact on all areas of your life causing deep distress. Counselling can gently help you deal with the repercussions of abuse in a safe and supportive environment.


Including drugs, alcohol, food, gambling and sex. Counselling can help you discover the cause of your addiction and support you through changes you wish to make.


Anxiety affects each person differently. Counselling can help you find your own underlying causes and help you make manageable changes.

Bereavement and Loss

I have additional training in bereavement and loss. Counselling can help you understand the complex range of emotions surrounding these difficult and painful events and help you find your own way through the process.


This is a form of abuse and can occur at any age. It also includes cyber-bullying. Counselling can help you understand what is happening, address the effects and develop resilience.


Depression can feel overwhelming and lonely. Counselling allows you to express your feelings surrounding depression that can be hard to discuss with friends and family.


Suffering from a long-term illness or coping with the illness of a loved one can feel overwhelming. Counselling can offer emotional support and help you find ways to cope.


Talking to a counsellor can help you explore and understand your loneliness and change circumstances that may feel overwhelming.

Pregnancy Related Issues

These may include miscarriage, infertility, abortion, birth trauma and postnatal depression. Counselling can offer you a safe space to talk through any painful feelings and emotions you may be experiencing.

These include wide ranging relationship difficulties within families (including parents, children and siblings), with your partner such as divorce, separation and betrayals and also work relationships. You may want to talk about your concerns and explore what you need from your relationships.


Low self-esteem may include feelings of worthlessness and not being good enough. Counselling can help you understand where these feelings have come from and become more accepting of yourself.


Counselling can support you if you self-harm by helping you identify and explore the underlying emotional causes and develop coping strategies.


Stress often begins with pressure from ourselves or others in both our private and work lives and can have an emotional, mental and physical impact on our well-being. Counselling can support you in exploring healthy ways of managing stress and help you understand your underlying issues.

Suicidal Feelings

If you are feeling very low and have thoughts about ending your own life or are preoccupied with feeling others would be better off without you, counselling can help you understand why you are feeling like you do and support you in coping with these feelings that may be overwhelming you. Counselling may need to be in addition to medical support.

If you need immediate help and are unable to keep yourself safe, please call 999 or go to A&E or ask someone else to call or take you, if possible. If you want to talk to someone please call the Samaritans on 116 123.


The effects of trauma can last years after the event and causes may include bereavement, accident, abuse and experiencing violence. Counselling can help you deal with distressing thoughts, images and feelings surrounding the event.


You may not necessarily be able to identify or label your problem but may feel sad and generally unhappy. Counselling can offer you support and the opportunity to re- evaluate your life and identify the causes.
How I can Help - Couples
Relationship or couples’ counselling focuses on improving communication and resolving issues within an intimate relationship and I welcome couples of any sexual orientation and gender.
Relationships rarely exist without conflict and if they begin to falter, our happiness and wellbeing can be affected.
Relationship problems I can help you with include:
- Affairs or betrayals
- Arguments and communication difficulties
- Trust issues
- Sexual issues
- Family conflict
- Life changes
- Separation
- Drifting apart
- Money issues
Our work will begin with an assessment session where I will take some practical details and we will start looking at the issues or problems you are experiencing, what you want to change and how you might begin to bring about that change. Our ongoing work may involve both joint and individual therapy sessions.
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