Integrative Individual and Couples’ Therapist 
Trauma Informed Therapist
Breathwork Coach
A Mind-Body Approach to Therapy
We all have the potential to lead fulfilling lives but sometimes we can feel confused, disconnected and overwhelmed, lose direction and become unsure which way to turn.  I can offer you a safe, supportive and confidential space where we can explore any concerns or issues that may be troubling you and gently address difficult feelings, free of any judgement.

I offer an approach to therapy that focuses on the connection between the mind and body using a range of therapeutic approaches and skills dependent on your needs.

I combine time-tested talking therapies with body-based techniques such as breathwork, grounding and movement, that equip you with resources outside of our sessions, drawing on the latest developments and understanding of the structure and function of the brain and nervous system.

I can support you in changing habitual patterns that stop you from living a fulfilling life to one where you begin to see possibilities, develop confidence in yourself and set healthy boundaries. Understanding how we can regulate our nervous system enables us to come into a place of calm and safety, reduces overwhelm and helps get to the root of depression, anxiety and trauma with a new understanding of yourself.

Central to my work is the development of a trusting relationship between client and counsellor; you will be offered acceptance and understanding and perhaps for the first time, be fully heard. All of you is welcome; your sadness, shame, guilt, anger, pain, joy and grief.

In couples' therapy sessions I also work with you and your partner to explore and understand difficulties in your relationship and help you find a way through issues that might be causing conflict. As well as being Relate trained, I hold additional couples therapy qualifications as I believe a range of therapeutic approaches and skills allows me to adjust my approach to suit your unique relationship needs.

I have trained in the ground-breaking area of neuroscience and couple therapy. Understanding how the brain influences our intimate relationships allows us to shape and change how we communicate with our partners to bring out the best in relationships.
"What I am is good enough"
Carl Rogers
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