How I Can Help - Couples

Relationship or couples’ counselling focuses on improving communication and resolving issues within an intimate relationship and I welcome couples of any sexual orientation and gender.


Relationships rarely exist without conflict and if they begin to falter, our happiness and wellbeing can be affected.


Relationship problems I can help you with include:


- Affairs or betrayals

- Arguments and communication difficulties

- Trust issues

- Sexual issues

- Family conflict

- Life changes

- Separation

- Drifting apart

- Money issues


Our work will begin with an assessment session where I will take some practical details and we will start looking at the issues or problems you are experiencing, what you want to change and how you might begin to bring about that change. Our ongoing work may involve both joint and individual therapy sessions.

“The quality of your life ultimately depends on the quality of your relationships”


- Esther Perel

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